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Traditional braces tend to be a more cost-effective option than Invisalign but usually require more maintenance. There are several types of braces you can choose from.

  • Ceramic braces: They work similarly to metal braces; however, these are made of clear brackets or teeth-colored brackets that blend in. These are much less noticeable than conventional metal brackets and often tend to work faster than Invisalign aligners.


If traditional braces don't suit you, then has an alternative for you: Invisalign. This system of custom-made, clear aligners fit perfectly over your teeth and are virtually invisible. They are engineered to provide the right amount of pressure to your teeth in the right places. What this means is that your teeth will gradually move into the perfect alignment, following a treatment plan, devised by our dentist at .

Dental Imaging Techniques

The initial consultation with our dentist is mostly for evaluation, routine check-up or to identify the cause of the prevailing dental condition. Today, the type of X-rays used during the comprehensive examination can deliver instant results, making it convenient for the dentist to quickly identify the problem and determine treatment.  

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